Benefits for your brand, like naming rights to specific leagues and tournaments By "Advertising" we mean the selling of signage space on our pitches and where viable on building space.


We represent an ideal corporate sponsorship opportunity
A perfect platform for corporate to reach a greater target market through the ongoing leagues

The mix of different soccer types (leagues & tournaments) lends itself to the creation of various sponsorship tiers:

  • Kids Soccer Schools
  • Corporate leagues
  • School leagues

Please see league valuations as to how these leagues will operate,

To maximize our appeal to corporate sponsors, we recognize the power of media coverage and will therefore display all logos on all our media coverage we produce We will be working on promoting the club by running various tournaments.

Future Leagues (with the growth of further courts) to include the following:

  • Ladies leagues
  • Mass Clinics for under privileged children, children from establishments like Holy cross and also various churches in the area
  • Increased number of Coaching sessions for the Fun Fit Soccer.


We will in turn have two courts consisting of 92 kickboards, visited by hundreds of people.

Advertising will be restricted to the following spaces:

  • Kickboard advertising
  • Flag pole banners
  • Above the net banners
  • Referee kits
  • Staff uniforms
  • Activation stands


  • Flag pole banners x 6 poles
  • Kickboard advertising x 24 boards
  • 2 x banners above the goal mouths


  • Kickboard advertising x 4 boards
All sponsors/advertisers will benefit from There will be further coverage on all media and advertising that the Italian Club generates.




  • Package 1: R 25 000-00 for the 4 boards and two printed banners which will have the companies branding
  • 1 kickboards - R5 500
  • 4 kickboards - R20 000
  • 8 kickboards - R35 800
  • This will also include naming right for the leagues if more than two kickboards have been chosen. 4 Kickboards and more will also get two Flag banners together with naming rights and a thank you on our website and a link to our Face book page.

  • 10 week league sponsor - R10 000 
    Flag banners (2 per court)
    Naming rights for the league/Branded medals & trophy